What's new in People First

We update People First every two weeks. See the last three months of new features.


Still GIFs for auto post

Auto-posts will now have still GIFs to keep your social feed free of too many distractions.

Recruitment retention period

Admins can now set how long they want to keep their recruitment data for and People First will automatically delete anything past its retention date, saving you lots of time and manual intervention!

Recruitment privacy policy

Let applicants know what is going on with their data using our new recruitment privacy policy, keeping your data protection policies transparent right from the beginning.

Job board update

We have changed the distance measurements on the job board to reflect your location settings so they will change from kilometres to miles depending on what unit of measurement they use where you are. 

New starter group

We know that when you’re new to People First there’s lots to get to grips with, so we’ve created a "getting started group" for posts and videos as a handy guide to help you on your way.


Cookies on the job board

Unfortunately not the edible kind, but cookies are now available on the job board to help personalise content and make our software even easier to use.


Competencies and memberships

You can now boast about all your fantastic job level competencies and personal memberships on your ‘Overview’ page.

Social profile enhancements

No manager statement, no problem! The social profile video will now generate even without a statement from an employee’s manager.  


Even more imports!

Our talent data imports are now even bigger and better allowing you to mass upload your job level competencies and qualifications.

Course deletion

Want to delete a learning course that might already be in use? No problem, you can now delete course types!

Waiting list enhancements

Pick the date and time of the learning event that best suits you and sign up to any waiting list, even if there are other events for that course with available spaces.


Recruitment correspondence

Get creative with your recruitment correspondence. You can now brand, edit and create your own!

Bank detail notification

Any updates to bank details will now automatically send off a notification to the user, upping security, preventing fraudulent activity AND keeping up with GDPR legislation. It’s a real win-win!


Recruitment campaigns made easy

Creating a recruitment campaign has never been simpler! We have transformed our recruitment pages to enhance your user experience and speed up the recruitment process.

Hello payroll!

Welcome, payroll to People First! We now offer integration with MHR’s iTrent payroll engine and our partners will also provide for integration with other payroll systems.

Bank details

Each user can now update and maintain their own UK bank details.

Automatic sign out

We have now made your automatic sign out completely configurable. You can now opt to kick idle users out and keep all that data secure.

Qualification data load

We can now mass import qualification records, all at once!

Comparison view

The comparison view has expanded. It’s now boasting a host of new features including last rating date, number of ratings in the last 12 months, location and manager name fields, making it even easier for you to spot trends.

Job adverts on social feeds!

Attention all recruitment staff! You can now advertise all those exciting vacancies straight onto the social profile from the campaign creation page.