What's New in People First?

We update People First every two weeks. See the last three months of new features.


Salary ranges in recruitment

You can now display a salary range for vacant jobs, which will help you to attract the right talent.

Calendar updates

If you integrate your external calendar with People First, you can now view the detail of those events within the People First calendar - great for managing your schedule.

Time and attendance data

Find out more about your workforce patterns with the new time and attendance data export option.

Other absence

A new booking form for “Other absences” enables employees to now book both days and hours.

Weekly digest

Share your most important news and information with your entire team straight from People First with our new Weekly Digest email.

Posting to multiple groups

Communication has never been easier, with our multiple group posting option. 

Social posts

Due to popular feedback, we have added a maximum post size and the ability to expand the post if you want to find out more!


Anniversary based absence scheme

You can now set up absence schemes that are calculated based on the employee start date, giving you more flexibility with new starters and holiday entitlement

First user assigned multiple roles

New to People First? The first active user within the system will now have all roles assigned to them and access to the entire system making the set-up process simple and hassle-free.

Configurable recruitment rejection reasons

Do you want to record why candidates have been rejected outside of the standard responses? Well now you can with configurable recruitment rejection reasons.

Updated Right to Access extract

In line with GDPR, the Right to Access extract now includes any overtime and absence in days, making sure your company are providing employees with everything when they request their data.


Employee contact details

Accessing employee details is no longer just limited to line-managers! This access has now been granted for all managers within the employee’s direct line, making the employee management process easier for your company.

Identifying the DPO role in your data imports

Now when you import data, you are able to identify the Data Protection Officer role, making your implementation journey a lot smoother!

Transferring applicants between campaigns

Exciting news! You can now transfer applicants between different campaigns making your recruiting life easier.

Automatic notifications for applicants be gone!

We listened to your feedback and applicants now only receive one automatic notification when they are added to a campaign…Allowing you to decide when and what notifications your applicants receive during their recruitment journey.

More visibility in the campaign pipeline

You can now gain more visibility at each stage of the recruitment journey… You can view the number of pending or rejected applicants at each stage of the campaign process giving you a clearer insight into activity within the campaign.

New wording in the application confirmation email

Due to popular demand, we have now updated the email application confirmation email – we have removed the specified time option allowing your company freedom to control correspondence during the campaign journey.

Check-in enhancements

Now, when an employee becomes a leaver you can close down any check-ins left in an active state and tidy up all future check-in events, allowing your managers to be more organised with their team!

Changing default banner images and icons

You are now able to personalise your banner images and icons in insight, recognition and company news groups, allowing you to tailor each group and promote your company branding.

YouTube videos on posts

When you are creating a post, you can now preview your YouTube videos before you post them… allowing you to be sure that everything is up to scratch!

New booking form for absence

We can now tailor absence bookings to your company’s schemes…When you book a holiday or sickness, a new form is shown allowing you to book in either hours or days!

Rejected clock-ins

Managers and employees can now see rejected clock-ins in the chatbot allowing you to manage your workforce better.

Importing and exporting data

We are happy to announce that there has been a number enhancements for importing and exporting workforce data… You are now able to import absence data for your employees in part day and hours, and the absence export includes hours too! As well, you are able to export employee attendance data, allowing you to manage data for your workforce more effectively.


Filter jobs by distance

Finding a job suitable for you has never been easier! When candidates are looking for vacancies on the Job Board, they can now filter specific jobs based on the location, making it more of a bespoke job search for your candidates.

Time and attendance

We are happy to announce that we have added new Time and Attendance features to the Chatbot allowing us to adapt to your style of working. You are now able to record the time you start and finish work, record overtime and managers can approve it all. As well, the app will also take into account time zones and regions allowing you to see what time you checked in and out in different time zones. 

Customizable images for learning courses

Learning admins can now personalise each individual learning event by uploading their own image and assigning it to a course, making it more relatable and bespoke for each training event.

People and addresses export

The People and Addresses export has been re-defined to not return leavers. Don’t worry though, this information is still available in the leavers export!

New navigation

Users can now navigate back from the Job Summary page to the Employment Summary page, allowing the flexibility and access to information you need.


Absence allowance adjustments

There are loads of benefits to our new holiday adjustments. You can now make more than one adjustment and have the ability to choose whether or not it is included in the pro-rata for part time and part-year.

QR codes in sign up emails

We’ve revamped our sign up emails to include a QR code which takes you straight to your People First app! Our brand new emails have also been re-designed to include your organisation’s branding.

Post updates

Exciting news - you can now see exactly who has liked your post, plus you'll keep up to date with notifications when someone has liked or commented on your posts or given you a recognition.

Check-in notifications

Forgotten about an open check-in? No problem, as you'll now get a handy notification. We’ve also made some changes to make it clearer that a check-in is active and given managers the power to close check-ins.

Project teams

Users can now create project teams to collaborate and share ideas. You can now share files and follow the project team to receive updates and contribute towards project success!

Even more languages

We're happy to announce that German and Dutch are now supported in People First. We’ve also started updating our English US language with US terminology in Recruitment and Learning. 

Comparison view updates

The comparison view has been updated to show the number of days since the last check-in giving managers and HR admins the ability to see how often check-ins are being scheduled for employees.

Mobile recruitment

We’ve made the campaign pipeline even smoother to make moving through your recruitment stages quick and easy.

Retaining tabs

Moving around the system has never been easier! Now, when you are on your profile, timeline or overview tab and search for someone in the system, it will retain the same tab when you change person.

Data load error messages

We’ve made our error messages clearer so you can see when they happen and what has gone on to help you identify and correct any mistakes.

Linking the social profile

The People First logo is now a hyperlink straight through to the People First website, helping your users to learn more about People First!

Equal opportunity statement - US only

The job board now displays the Equal Opportunity statement against each job in compliance with US legislation.