What's New in People First?

We update People First every two weeks. See the last three months of new features.


US enhancements

For customers in the US we have made a couple of changes within People First, including making a person’s ‘Title’ non-mandatory, ‘Car Registration number’ is now ‘Licence plate’, ‘Legal Gender’ (for US) becomes ‘Sex’ in the UK and the ‘Salary card’ has been renamed to ‘Compensation’.

Social feed

For an enhanced experience, users can now toggle between a single or three column view on the social feed. It will remember your preference even when you log out or navigate to other pages. We’ve also improved the speed of the social feed.

Job history

We’ve made some enhancements to the job history display, aligning start and end dates so that it’s easier to see when things have changed.

Custom cards

Do you need to file information within custom cards? You now have the ability to extract data from custom cards into files; you can also limit the extraction of data to records created in a specified time-period.

Workforce management

You can now view time worked metrics on an individual’s overview page, broken down by week, month and year. You can also view details of time worked for a specific day. You also have the ability via the desktop to edit and delete time and the appropriate user can add historical data (more than three months old).

Alliance agreement check-ins

Alliance agreement check-ins have now been introduced to the platform, with system-generated talking points to help managers and employees have better conversations. These can be scheduled and started from the alliance video model and the employee has the ability to do this them self. In addition, now both parties involved in the check-in will have the ability to sign the alliance agreement during the alliance check-in and a record of them signing or not signing will be added to their profile. This will be removed if the alliance agreement is de-activated.

Social communities

It is easier than ever to navigate to, and find new communities as we have broken them down into the two categories – ‘Following’ and ‘Not Following’, plus users can find what they are looking for quicker with the ability to search within each.


Details around a job offer changed? No need to worry as you now have the ability to change the job or proposed start date on an offer package. Currency will also now display on both the campaign screen and the job board.

People trends

We’ve made it easier to get the information you need from your analytics reports and keep on top of people trends within your company. Job and personal reference numbers are now included across different analytics reports and the results can be sorted and exportable to CSV. In addition, you can look at trends in the upcoming month and next three months.


Personalise the notifications that matter. Now users can customise which recipients receive notifications when there has been a change in job title or department.


Company news

In order to streamline and enhance the user experience, from now on only Social Media Officers are able to post into company news.


You are now able to customise the recipients for the notifications of new starters, leavers and change of departments. 


You can now report and drill down further into the data for your employee transfers and promotions, giving you a more comparable view of your workforce. In addition,  photos of employees will now appear on the trends cards report making the information more personalised.

Custom cards

Be more flexible with your employee and company information by importing and exporting your custom pages and custom cards.



Want to add more information following a check-in? Well now you can with our increased character count within the comments section.

Trends cards

Access statistics and trends for leavers, people, vacancies, promotions and transfers via trend cards – perfect for added insight.


You can now edit job packages before an offer is accepted, allowing flexibility and control to help you sign up the perfect candidate.

Comparison view

View even more details about your employees including the amount of annual leave and sickness days taken, sickness instances and contractual hours.

Custom Pages

You can now create your own areas to hold custom cards, accessible from the main menu. These cards are shared across your entire organisation - a perfect place to publish your organisation's policies, processes, knowledge bases and many other types of data that you couldn't previously.


Job history

You can now view an employee's complete job history, providing you with the information you need in one place.

Bank details

Bank details for Ireland, USA, Canada and Mexico can now be added into People First. There is also the option to be able to have multiple bank accounts and the ability to split salary payments, giving your employees more flexibility.

New starter and leavers analytics

You now have the ability to view the amount of new starters and leavers in the whole organisation and different departments from the people trends card. You can also compare the insights on a 30 day, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month basis.