Talksuite is an enterprise-grade bot solution built from commercial bot building experience for ease of use, systems integration, stability and scalability.


No programming

languages required

Talksuite is totally language agnostic and is defined completely in JSON, leaving us to manage the infrastructure, runtime, validation, and any bugs that may crop up, while you focus on making the best bot possible.


Built from experience

In building bots for our own products, we've tackled and solved all the problems you come across when creating a bot. From GIFs to security, emojis to natural language, conversations to scalability, we've applied all we've learnt to our platform and our services.


Systems integration

at our core

Bots are there to make life easier, but to do anything useful they need to integrate with a system. Talksuite supports multiple modern authentication methods such as OpenIDConnect & OAuth, in addition to support for multiple accounts, webhooks and preconfigured providers such as Office 365 and Slack.


Available where

your customers are

With Talksuite, you can create a bot wherever your customers are: Facebook Messenger, SMS, on your website, Slack, Email, GroupMe, Kik, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Skype for Business and Telegram.


What is a


Download our guide for business leaders what is a chatbot


Want to know more?

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