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The old, industrial parent-child relationship of employers and employees simply does not work with today's workforce. To remain competitive, the employer/worker relationship needs to change. The People First alliance is an agreement that outlines the expectations of mutual respect, flexibility and tolerance, and finds common ground between both parties to allow them to engage and thrive as adults within the reality of modern work. It sets the stage and underpins everything we do.


Science of flow

For both sides to fulfil the alliance, we apply the organisational psychology concept of ‘Flow’, which provides the key to optimising work. When employees stay in the flow - that is when allowed to get on with a clear direction of their work with as little friction as possible - they are at their most productive.

Borrowing from game theory, it involves structuring the environment and tasks to keep the worker ‘in the zone’, maintaining levels of challenge and skill without it becoming too stressful or boring. The employees also monitor their flow to help reflect on their personal challenges and what they themselves bring to the alliance.





What flow is for one person, is not necessarily the same for another. Our motivations, personalities, optimal working practices and even body clocks vary wildly. What is consistent between us, is that under the alliance's expectation that work should be enjoyable, self-reflection is required. 

People First's personal assistant helps anyone keep on top of their daily workload easily, while allowing the individual to track performance, anxiety, energy and enjoyment levels - a fitbit for work - in order to understand how they personally get and stay in the flow.



Privacy First

Privacy should be seen as the freedom to be imperfect, and most employees would rightly be wary of exposing their personal thoughts and data to an employer. People First is acutely aware of this and keeps the personal diary of the employees private to them, using an on-device statistical model to send aggregate data points for modelling flow. At every stage we evaluate what is exposed against the presence of 'bad bosses' in an organisation, making sure that all parties data remains safe under the alliance.




In a world of instant communication, face-to-face contact with managers is more important than ever. The best managers make sure they get to know their employees and help them feel comfortable talking about any subject, work-related or not. However, not all managers are willing or able to do this, which is where augmented check-ins can help.

People First automatically creates talking points and schedules check-ins, helping managers and their teams communicate regularly and honestly. It makes sure check-ins are completed and everyone has been heard. This way, check-ins become a crucial meeting where each party evaluates how the alliance is going and choose which projects, tasks and issues are a key focus.




People First contains all the functionality for you and your people to thrive, including social collaboration tools, team management, working patterns, benefits management, visual organisation charts, time and attendance, projects and goals, automated recruitment, leave processing and pragmatic people analytics.


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