old work

For generations, the relationship between employer and employee has resembled that of a parent and child. The employer holds all the cards, and demands run one way. This dynamic simply isn't suitable in the modern workplace.

This is why we created the People First Alliance - an agreement that seeks to re-balance the power between employer and employee.

The alliance outlines expectations of mutual respect, flexibility and tolerance, allowing everyone to engage and thrive as adults within the reality of modern work. It sets the stage for the future of work, and underpins everything we do.



Have you ever been so absorbed in your work that you lost track of time? This state of hyper-engagement is known as flow, and helping employees to achieve it is central to our work at People First.

Why? Because when employees are in the flow - that is when they are able to focus on their work with as little distractions as possible - they are their happiest and most productive.

Borrowing from game theory, this involves structuring the environment and tasks to keep the worker 'in the zone', maintaining levels of challenge and skill without it becoming too stressful or boring.

One person's experience of flow is not necessarily the same as another's. Our motivations, personalities, optimal working practices and even body clocks vary wildly. What is consistent between us is that in order to find the conditions in which we can do our best work, self-reflection is required.

People First allows users to track their performance, anxiety, energy and enjoyment levels on a daily basis, helping them to understand the unique conditions needed to help them achieve and maintain a state of flow.




Once upon a time, only a handful of people could afford a personal assistant. With People First, this is now a reality for everyone.

Each user has access to their very own digital assistant, helping them manage their daily workload, speed up HR transactional processes, and answer work-related questions. And all this is available anytime, anywhere via their smartphone. 

Employees can manage their personal admin directly through the chatbot – from booking holidays to processing expenses – meaning your HR department or line managers don’t have to. They communicate with the chatbot using speech or text, in their own natural language, using technology they already know and feel comfortable with. So no more complicated and unnatural processes.

Like a Fitbit for work, our chatbot allows employees to track their daily performance and mood, helping them to understand what makes them tick at work. To help them maintain flow, Focus Mode protects them from the endless noise of work by temporarily blocking all but the most important emails and alerts.


Privacy First

Privacy should be seen as the freedom to be imperfect, and most employees would rightly be wary of exposing their personal thoughts and data to an employer. After all, if employees know that their behaviour is being tracked, they will simply change the way they act.

People First ensures that each individual’s personal diary entries are kept private to them, using an on-device statistical model to send aggregate data points for modelling flow.

This allows individuals to get the most out of this important process of self-reflection, safe in the knowledge that there can only be positive outcomes.




Let’s be honest, the annual appraisal no longer cuts it. In a world of instant communication and constant change, the need for regular feedback has never been greater.

People First facilitates regular performance check-ins, where managers and employees discuss progress, tackle issues as they arise, and evaluate how the alliance is going. This helps managers to get to know their team on a human level – something that is crucial in the modern workplace – and encourages a culture of honest and open communication.

The People First app guides employees and managers through the whole check-in process, from scheduling through to completion. To ensure that this goes as smoothly as possible, People First automatically provides managers with ice-breakers and talking points based on relevant employee-specific information.

Think of it as the third person in the room – an intelligent coach and helper, making sure check-ins are completed and everyone has been heard.


Social and


Tapping into and enhancing the social aspect of work is an essential ingredient in employee engagement – especially in a world where remote working is on the rise.

People First provides a range of social and engagement tools designed to promote collaboration, teamwork, personalisation and a sense of community, no matter where your people are located.

With People First, each user has their very own personal profile, where they can share information about themselves and their passions, helping employees to get to know each other on a human level.

A social feed provides a space for posting, sharing, liking and commenting on content, as well as giving and receiving recognitions. This allows employees to connect with like-minded colleagues and keep up with what’s happening across the company, and serves to break down organisational silos.