From small app developers to large established businesses, the People First Open People Platform gives you access to shape the future of work. In order to achieve this, we have:

  • A structured Partner on-boarding program, which covers readiness and enablement activities, training and materials across sales, marketing, services, support and technical expertise
  • A 24/7 online Partner Relationship Management (PRM) system which provides up-to-date information, templates and tools
  • A Partner Success Programme, which focuses on ongoing individual partner needs such as co-selling and co-marketing efforts along with local and remote partner support

See below for the three different ways you can join us on our mission to help people get in the flow and enjoy work.




Connect your solutions to our platform

Plug in and sell your existing HR and payroll services to our global network through our open people platform.

It is easy to connect using our modern technology platform that is API led to allow for seamless integration.

  • Enjoy access to the fully-documented API library and the marketplace
  • Invest in API resources and pay for API usage



Deliver and support People First

Is the HR & Payroll industry an area of interest or specialism for you? Is change management an area you're passionate about?

Why not create additional revenue and expand your current product and service portfolio by re-selling and/or implementing the next generation solution, People First.

  • Enjoy access to the marketplace to market and sell services
  • Invest in People First implementation skills



Build People First solutions

Build and add your own complementary solutions to the People First platform. Once made, you can package them up and sell them on the people first marketplace.

  • Make 80% on own product revenue, 20% on resell revenue
  • Enjoy access to the development platform and the marketplace to build, market and sell products
  • Invest in People First technical skills