What's In

People First

Here you’ll find a range of features that simplify work, save time and empower employees, as well as social tools that help employees connect, collaborate and engage with the wider organisation.


Talent Management

High turnover and absence rates are a tell-tale sign of a disengaged workforce – and can have a huge negative impact on the bottom line.

People First embraces the idea of real-time performance management through regular check-ins, where employee performance and happiness is discussed on an ongoing basis. This helps address issues as they arise, while strengthening the manager-employee relationship.

The talent profile provides employees with a level of transparency that allows them to map their own career journey and collaborate with their manager to make their work aspirations a reality. You can add key skills, memberships and qualifications to a job, so you can see the areas where employees need to develop. Employees can use this information to identify future positions that match their talents, or understand what they need to do to fulfil those requirements.

Meanwhile, managers and HR can identify key employees and positions, and assign successors, creating a continuous talent pipeline. And by gaining top-down visibility of different teams’ performance, they can work with employees to fix underlying issues, before they become yet another turnover or absence statistic.




People First offers all the tools and insights you need to build and drive better recruitment campaigns.

You can publish jobs internally, externally or via social platforms for maximum reach. Each campaign has its own pipeline – a visual representation of the whole recruitment process, where you can perform all key actions.

For the applicant, the recruitment process is a window onto the company and the way it operates. People First helps you make the right impression from the start by providing a slick and intuitive application process. Applicants can create job profiles, allowing them to keep all of their application information in one place and use it to apply for multiple jobs.



Our learning management tools create an engaging, social and transparent approach to learning, allowing your employees to see and feel the investments you are making in them. This helps you build a business brand around growth and development, which in turn helps you attract and retain top talent.

Once you’ve created and published learning courses, you can then add them to positions to provide a record of learning items an employee must complete as part of their job.

Employees can then set search preferences, helping them to find and register for courses that match their interests. If places are not available on a particular course, our waiting list functionality automatically assigns them to the course as soon as a space becomes available.



Our goals system ensures that work is always aligned with your organisation’s objectives. You can create future priorities, assign owners, and invite other employees to participate. Additional objectives can be created and linked to the priority, showing how goals across the organisation link together to drive strategic outcomes.

On the individual level, employees also have the ability to create personal goals that they can discuss with their manager during the check-in process.


Time and Attendance

Are you still handling paper timesheets, with all the delays, manpower and errors that come with them? People First simplifies time and attendance recording by giving employees access to their own information.

Employees can clock their start and end times, including overtime, using the People First app. This information can be reviewed and amended at a later date by the employee, and once approved by their manager, it can be extracted and sent to payroll.



Calculating leave allowance can be a hassle, especially for part-time staff, those who accrue leave entitlement, and employees with changing working hours. Relax. People First does all this for you.

People First devolves absence responsibilities from HR to managers and individuals. Employees can check their leave entitlement and book leave directly through the app. Once approved by their manager, the outstanding balance is automatically calculated and available to see anytime. The absence is then added to the employee’s calendar.

Employees and managers can also log sickness and other absence directly through the app, and see the total time off in any given year.



People First learns about the individual and their work, and presents them with relevant information and insights. All of this information is then neatly packaged and presented as a unique social profile – a URL that employees can copy and paste into any social media account to promote their own personal brand.



The social feed provides a collaborative space where employees can communicate openly, helping to break down organisational silos. Users can add their own content to news feeds, groups, their colleagues’ profile pages or their own, and get instant feedback via likes and comments. This also provides a space for employees to give and receive recognitions.

Users can create and follow groups in order to share ideas or see what’s happening across the organisation.

In addition, once a week, a Weekly Digest is automatically sent to all employees, containing the most relevant news stories of the week, to help promote important business messages and company news.