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Why the Need to Be Social?

by Andy Davies on June 21, 2018

I’m very aware that writing an article about the need to be an exponent of social media and then posting it on social media is truly preaching to the converted. But keep reading, because I have a challenge for you!

Because I worked in the public sector for so long, I never really expected to be looking for another role, especially through social media.

Over the last 15 years, there has been exponential growth of social media platforms, which has been fuelled by mergers and acquisitions. Many billionaires have been created, with the top 15 accruing a wealth of around $275 billion between them ( Social media is now part of our lives, and the number of users across the platforms is incredible:

The capitalisation of these companies shows the incredible reach of the internet and is something that many traditional organisations have been striving for for decades.

Research shows that 73% of companies have successfully hired a candidate through social media, and LinkedIn tops the charts for recruiting ( 

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that too many people are sat in jobs where they saw an advert in a newspaper, filled out a paper application form, put on a suit and attended a face-to-face interview. And they did this long before social media arrived in the workplace. They are not familiar with the notion of finding a job through social media and holding an interview over FaceTime. 

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