The Management Minefield

by Catherine Newell on May 22, 2018

Having been a manager for a lot of my career within the HR and Payroll industry, it is with great enthusiasm that I read all the articles and blogs about the future of work and where HR sits amongst this.

There are so many different management-training courses, and people can be put in management positions without any support or training. Many of the training courses teach you the fundamentals of what you need to do, but what about how you do it?

Kindness and Purpose

Management isn’t about telling people what you want them to do. This should be a discussion between two equal people. You both have different information about different situations, so by talking them through an agreed (and logical/rational) priority, a desired outcome can be agreed.

Recently, you will have likely seen postings on social media about ‘Random acts of Kindness’. At work, as well as in our personal life, we need to nurture a culture of kindness...

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