The Freedom to Flow: All Are Engaged in the Freedom of Work, Part 1

October 15, 2017

People First says: Jeremy Scrivens is Director at the Emotional Economy at Work. He is a 'Work Futurist & Collaboration & Innovation Catalyst', and we love talking to him and working with him! In this blog, Jeremy discusses the predicted tensions between the head (automation, speed, efficiency) and the heart (the need for authentic human connections between people). 

The other day, a mate of mine who follows my work around The Future of Work alerted me to a new website called People First. He said, you have to check this out Jeremy!

These guys are talking your language about how the future "HR" technologies will engage the individual to flow in their work.

This is about how the future of work releases every individual to be engaged from inside out, from who they are as unique individuals and their personal why.

About how the future of work sees technology, connects the individual with their customers around the wholeness of life-work; where these connections are open, direct, authentic and personal...

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