Employee engagement

The Freedom to Be Whole: All Are Engaged in the Freedom of Work, Part 4

November 01, 2017

Part of a series from Jeremy Scrivens – Director at the Emotional Economy at Work. He is a ‘Work Futurist & Collaboration & Innovation Catalyst,’ and we love talking to him and working with him! In this blog, Jeremy states that, in the future of work, creativity will become the edge...

We are living in a time when there are fundamental shifts in the way work is being done. Two themes are emerging and are in tension.

Firstly, work being done now will be taken over by automation and robots as society searches for new ways to achieve efficiency, speed and quality at scale. We might call this the first stream, which is about the head, not the heart. This way is supported by the big technology providers, concerned with efficiency and with automation. In this stream, people are seen as cogs in a manager’s machine.

But there is a second stream emerging now. This is about the human need for augmented connections between people as they engage in open collaboration for social good as authentic people. This stream will be supported by technologies driven by a very different mindset about what constitutes life and work...

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