Putting the Science of Flow to Work

January 02, 2018

Part of a series from Jeremy Scrivens – Director at the Emotional Economy at Work. He is a ‘Work Futurist & Collaboration & Innovation Catalyst,’ and we love talking to him and working with him! In this blog, Jeremy discusses the emergence of ‘second stream’ technologies that support the more human aspects of people in the world of work.

In this series of blogs we are taking the time to explore into the science of people flow as the future of work enabled by second stream future of work technologies.

My goal is to engage those of us as CEOs, HR Managers, CIOs and CTOs to go deeper into what sits behind the flow revolution in the second stream future of work tech, not just the current focus on first stream.

The textbooks have not yet been written about the potential of second stream for the future of work. We have plenty on first stream around automation and efficiency but scarce a word yet around the science of enabling people to flow in their life-work in ways that release an abundance of creativity and innovation for business and society...

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