People first

People First: Living the Ethos and Technology

January 24, 2018

I was recently interviewed for Marginalia ‘Future of Work’ Magazine about the digital workplace. We considered the role of HR and supporting technologies in the shift towards ways of working that are more suitable for the future world of work. High on the agenda was the need for businesses to achieve a deeper understanding of employees and their needs.

One of the reasons I was talking to Gloria Lombardi at Marginalia in the first place was that People First is an emerging technology that supports a more human focus in HR, utilising the science of flow, pragmatic analytics, AI and chatbots to personalise the experience of work for all the best reasons:

– Increased productivity and enjoyment
– Enhanced collaboration
– Improved health and wellbeing.

pepole first check in software phone screens

Operating a workplace with solutions that do not incorporate these digital enhancements to facilitating people in the world of work just don’t cut it anymore.

We are still looking at the world of work in very outdated terms, where we have a set of jobs to fit people in to, they do their tasks and that’s that. It’s no wonder that many people are struggling to engage with their work and don’t feel they have the opportunity to drive their career development.

Business leaders and their supporting strategists have a responsibility to fix all of this – or at least enable employees to fix it for themselves. That’s why People First exists – to put people at the heart of what we are trying to do and provide employees now and in the future with ownership of themselves and their working lives.

We have an ethos at People First, which is supported by a psychological contract. Businesses need to get on board with a culture of work that respects and emphasises the human qualities of people in the workforce.

“For business leaders and their HR teams, it’s about accepting the inevitable culture change, working to embed a new ethos, and considering the different ways employees and employers can work together to achieve the best possible results.”

We have achieved this ourselves within the People First team, and any one of us would be happy to discuss how this has been achieved, what the process has been like, and the benefits that we have seen from an open and positive culture supported by technology that enables collaboration and employee engagement.

The original interview can be found here at Marginalia Magazine.