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How can HR Use Social Media in the Future of Work?

by Andy Davies on December 05, 2017

What if we had a HRIS system that encouraged people to use the in-built social spaces to discuss projects and arrange events outside of work?

We should be challenging our long-held beliefs that mobiles and social media at work are bad. Instead, ask ‘how can we embrace mobile technology and the social media that comes with it’?

It is probably one of the biggest challenges facing employees in the 21st century:

How do we use social media at work, to benefit work?

Regardless of your company size or sector, we all operate in a changing environment that has already been transformed by social media, and will continue to transform in the coming years. Like many HR professionals, I have run disciplinary hearings for people accessing social media at work, and then worked with leaders to determine how we stop this happening.

But I was taking the wrong approach.

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