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The Future of Work is for the Misfits: We Are All Misfits Deep Inside

January 02, 2018

Part of a series from Jeremy Scrivens – Director at the Emotional Economy at Work. He is a ‘Work Futurist & Collaboration & Innovation Catalyst,’ and we love talking to him and working with him! In this blog, Jeremy discusses the emergence of ‘second stream’ technologies that support the more human aspects of people in the world of work.

In this series of blogs we are exploring the science of people flow as the future of work enabled by second stream future of work technologies.

The future of work sees two technology streams in tension. The first stream is about automation, robotics and the concentration of information remaining in the hands of the employers, supported by the traditional behemoth HR Tech companies. In this stream, people are cogs in the factory machine or operators of processes.

But there is a second stream of tech emerging in the future of work; one that provides a radical, disruptive alternative to the first stream. This is a stream that says people are essential to the future of work. Here the focus shifts from efficiency to co-creativity and the experience of flow as one’s individual and collective journey of life-work from our very being.

Central to the idea of flow is that work should be enjoyable, meaningful and fun. Work should enables us to flow from inside out, from our very being. In this zone we are motivated intrinsically. One of the key findings of Mr C’s work is that people experience flow when they experience autonomy or self-direction.

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