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Extinction of the HR Tech Dinosaurs: Partnering in an Open Technology World

December 07, 2017

People First is not another dinosaur. It is challenging how things are done, offering completely fresh technology that is completely different from what we have seen in the HR space before – Wilfred Gomez, Head of Operations at Seequelle (


When People First develops a partner relationship, we look for open minds and a willingness to come along on our journey towards the future of work. Work doesn't work – we know that. People are increasingly disengaged with their jobs, and their happiness and productivity often takes a hit. The problem doesn't need to be highlighted any more than that to the partner organisations who just 'get' technology and its potential effects on the world of work.

Seequelle are an amazing example of this. Founded in September 2015, they are US-based Professional Technology Consultants with a history of implementing HCM solutions that goes way back. They've dealt with their fair share of dinosaurs, and now they are focusing on more progressive and open ways of getting solutions to the people that need them. These include system implementation, production support, project management, system audits and business process re-engineering, with particular strength in the Retail, Manufacturing and Services sectors. And now, they include People First in their portfolio of recommended products.

At People First, we couldn't be happier! We know that Seequelle cultivate relationships and work hard to understand and recommend the products that will best fit their client organisation. We can't wait for more and more Seequelle clients to recognise the People First approach to open technology, with its AI and flow technology-infused solution that supports workplace engagement, happiness and productivity.