Work Culture

Collaborating Through a HR System?

by Andy Davies on June 01, 2018

We see collaboration on a daily basis, and in an ever more connected world, the opportunity for collaboration is greater than ever before. 

The most frequent examples of collaboration people think of are from sport. Formula 1 is an example of this, where team members, drivers, engine providers, sponsors and tyre manufacturers come together to deliver a fast car that provides entertainment around the globe.

Collaboration - the action of working with someone to produce something.

Other forms of collaboration have started to take place around the UK as services that were traditionally provided by a government body are now delivered through collaborations with charities, services providers, highways specialists, education trusts and private medical providers. 

So why do this? Is it always about cost or can a better outcome be delivered by working together with the right people?

As in sport, it doesn’t make sense for businesses to try to deliver every service or manufacture every part they need. Collaborating with providers who have specialist skills to deliver an outcome either faster or in better quality makes sense. And then, working together to innovate can deliver further benefits for everyone...

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