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Can HR Technology Automatically Support Career Progression and Identify the Best Applicants for a Job?

by Andy Davies on November 29, 2017

If your HR system already knows what talent profiles are required for a job, and that job is attached to a recruitment campaign, you can use technology to identify the best applicants for the job. This quickens the recruitment life-cycle and keeps the manager in the flow.

The rot of talent data

During the recruitment process, organisations are often keen to view people’s certificates to prove they have the qualifications they claim to have, and they will probably take copies of the certificates. The problem is, after the recruitment phase of an employment life-cycle, little effort is made to keep these records up to date.

This is where the challenge begins…

Some organisations see talent data as a ‘nice to have’ rather than essential information. Coupled with the requirement to update people records, this is quickly forgotten about. This is when organisations miss the ability to use their employees' data for career development.

“If you’re not maximising the use of your talent data, you can’t be maximising the use of the talent within your business.”

But it goes further than that. 

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