Are You Ready to Replace Annual Appraisals with Online Check-Ins?

by Andy Davies on November 06, 2017

Hands up, who truly benefits from the traditional annual appraisal? Does it have any value in today’s world of work?

Only a tiny percentage of HR leaders feel performance reviews are effective, and many progressive companies are now replacing annual appraisals with real-time feedback and check-ins – meetings where each party evaluates how they are performing in a way that actually suits them.

In the last two weeks I’ve attended two amazing conferences: HR Tech World in Amsterdam and the MCA Conference in Nottingham. During both events, I had the pleasure of discussing check-ins with potential partners and customers. And whether I’ve been talking about iTrent or People First, I get asked the same question:

Do I just start using check-ins, or do I need to do something first?

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