2.1 Billion Reasons Employees Should Own Their HR Data

by Andy Davies on November 21, 2017

Have you worked in a business where an employee’s data is owned by either the manager or HR? Where an employee submits a form to have a new address entered onto the HR system, or the manager enters the sickness event for an employee?

These processes are outdated but often remain.


The answer is probably because you have always done it that way and/or you are concerned about people not recording sickness/absence properly. If you want to move to a modern way of working, then you need to ditch control and encourage ownership.

With 2.1 billion smartphone users in the world, people expect to be able to connect to their company’s HR system and amend their details. Not only that, they expect to be able to do this 24/7. At People First, we call this a frictionless way of working.

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